• Refined Edible Salt
  • Refined Edible Salt
  • Refined Edible Salt
  • Refined Edible Salt
  • Refined Edible Salt

Refined Edible Salt

Other names : sodium chloride

Chemical formula : NaCl

Purity(%) : 99%MIN

Appearance : white crystal

Grade standard : food grade

CAS No. : 7647-14-5

HS code : 25010011

EINECS NO. : 231-598-3

Shelf life : 3years

Application : cooking, Food Processing Industry

Product Description :

Other names: sodium chloride

Chemical formula: NaCl

Purity(%): 99%MIN

Appearance: white crystal

Grade standard: food grade

CAS No.:7647-14-5

HS code: 25010011

EINECS NO.:231-598-3

Shelf life: 3years

Application: cooking, Food Processing Industry


It is produced by the most advanced refined vacuum process, each producing step is strictly controled, which guarrantees the good quality, meet food grade.  As a kind of edible salt, it is totally safe for cooking or food processing industry. We offer a wide variety of salt products, such as refined salt, table salt iodized or non-iodized, feed grade salt and water softener salt and so on.


standard GB/T5462-2003

Standard indicators Measured Determine result
Size   (%)(0.15mm-0.85mm)      92.2 /


     Whiteness       80min    88.4min

Chemical indicators


NaCl   (%)      99.10   99.5%min
Water  (%)      0.15% max   0.05%max
Water Insoluble  (%) 0.05%max   0.009%max
Ca2+(%)    0.18%max   0.038%max
          Mg2+(%)    0.20%max   0.02%max
So4(%) 0.30%max 0.06%max
Pb    2.0ppm max Less than 2.0ppm
〔Fe(CN)64-(mg/kg) 10 ppm max Less than 10 ppm
As 0.5ppm max Less than 0.5ppm
Sensory testing Color white, uniform particles, no significant foreign impurities

Packing: In 350g,500g,25kg,50kg,1000kg,1200kg bags or as customer’s request.

Qty in 20fcl: 27mt/20fcl


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