• Iodized Vacuum Salt
  • Iodized Vacuum Salt
  • Iodized Vacuum Salt
  • Iodized Vacuum Salt
  • Iodized Vacuum Salt

Iodized Vacuum Salt

Other names : sodium chloride

Chemical formula : NaCl

Purity(%) : 99%MIN

Appearance : white crystal

Grade standard : food grade

CAS No. : 7647-14-5

HS code : 25010011

EINECS NO. : 231-598-3

Application : cooking, table salt, seasoning

Product Description :

Other names: sodium chloride

Chemical formula: NaCl

Purity(%): 99%MIN

Appearance: white crystal

Grade standard: food grade

CAS No.:7647-14-5

HS code: 25010011

EINECS NO.:231-598-3

Application: cooking, table salt, seasoning


Iodized vacuum salt is refined processing type salt with Iodine additive. It is pure white, no impurities, no anticaking, a kind of crystal with free flow appearance. As a kind of life necessary, we use it for cooking, table salt, seasoning, its pure and free flow appearance let us feel safe. Its purity of sodium chloride is as high as 99.1%min, which can supply our demand for Sodium.

Properties Test Standard Result
Size 0.15 – 0.85mm 85 min 91
Sodium Chloride (Nacl)% 99.1 min 99.28
Whiteness 80 min 86
Moisture (HO)% 0.30 max 0.03
Insolubles (%) 0.05 max 0.005
CaSO(%) 0.1 max 0.034
NaSO(%) 0.30 max 0.010
Anti Caking Agent [FeCN)6]4- 10 max 4.0
Heavy metals (Pb) 1.0ppm max 0.006ppm max
Calcium (Ca) 15ppm max 5ppm max
Magnesium (Mg) 1ppm max 0.7ppm max
Copper (Cu) 5ppm max 0.7ppm max
Potassium iodate 20-50ppm 32ppm

Packing: In 350g,500g,25kg,50kg,1000kg,1200kg bags or as customer’s request.

Qty in 20fcl: 27mt/20fcl


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