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Ice Melting Salt

Other names : sodium chloride

Chemical formula : NaCl

Purity(%) : 99%MIN

Appearance : white crystal

Grade standard : industrial grade

CAS No. : 7647-14-5

HS code : 25010019

EINECS NO. : 231-598-3

Application : de-icing,ice melting on urban roads, highways etc

Product Description :

Other names: sodium chloride

Chemical formula: NaCl

Purity(%): 99%MIN

Appearance: white crystal

Grade standard: industrial grade

CAS No.:7647-14-5

HS code: 25010019

EINECS NO.:231-598-3

Application: de-icing,ice melting on urban roads, highways etc

Ice melting salt is made from PDV salt with a new type of corrosion inhibitor using the technology of two-piece roll press into granules.Compared to sea salt, common rock salt, it has bigger and even particle with a higher purity and less heavy metals. And there is no anti-caking agent.


1.Our ice melting salt has even particle and could penetrate through the snow-ice layer fast with a lasting dissolve course.And uniform particles is convenient for machines to broadcast and to control the broadcast quantity for unit area.
2. Our ice melting salt can cut through compacted ice and snow to melt and prevent ice formation at temperatures down to -20°C.

3.Economic in use
The volume of use could be reduced by 10~15% in comparison with fine PDV salt (φ0.4mm) which can prolong the service life of the machines and the equipment. And relative labor cost, transport cost and stock cost will be reduced.
4.customize winter de-icing solutions

Differences in climate, road type, traffic flow density, and budget make customers have various requirements on ice melting salt. We will work with customers on customized winter de-icing solutions considering actual local conditions. 

Items Specification Result
Appearance White pellets,even grain size with oval shape,salty,no abnormal odor, no impurities PASS
Sodium chloride(NaCl%) %≥ 98.5 99.53
Water Insoluble%  % ≤ 0.3 0.005
Moisture Content(H2O) %≤ 0.70 0.08
Ca+Mg+ 0.01%max 84.60
Pb 20.0 mg/kg max
As 4.0 mg/kg max
Hg 0.1 mg/kg max
Cd 2.0 mg/kg max
Cr 10.0 mg/max
Particle diameter 6mm-10mm 85% 94.00
Ph Value 7-8 7-8
Hardness Below 30 PPM min Below 38 PPM
Corrosion rate on the carbon steel 0.10mm/a Max
Na2SO4 0.15%max 0.12

In 25kg/50kg 1000kg 1200kg bags etc on


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