• P-toluenesulfonic Acid
  • P-toluenesulfonic Acid
  • P-toluenesulfonic Acid

P-toluenesulfonic Acid

Other name : PTSA

CAS No. : 104-15-4

MF : C7H8O3S

EINECS No. : 203-180-0

HS No. : 2904100000

Product Description :

Other name: PTSA

CAS No.: 104-15-4


EINECS No.: 203-180-0

HS No.: 2904100000




  1. Slurry conditioner for chemical industry and synthetic detergent; used as a water-assisting solvent for synthetic detergents, formulated into powdered detergents to increase water content, and also for fluidity, hand, anti-caking, etc. Have a good effect. Also used as a crystalline additive in fertilizer production.
  2. In liquid detergents, it is mainly used as a solubilizer. After adding sodium p-toluenesulfonate, the viscosity and cloud point will decrease. At the time of use, attention should be paid to the content of raw materials, inorganic salts and solubility. Especially for liquid detergents, the salt content has a great influence on the transparency of the liquid.
  3. Used in the organic synthesis industry, used in medicine for the synthesis of doxycycline, dipyridamole, naproxen and for the production of amoxicillin and cefadroxil intermediates.


 Items Technical Pharma Refine
Appearance White acicular crystals White acicular crystals White acicular crystals
Total acidity(C7H8O3·H2O) 93% 95% 97%
Free acid(H2SO4) 3.0%max 2.0%max 0.5%max
Moisture 4.0%max 3.5%max 2.5%max
Fe++ppm 50max 30max 15max
Residue on ignition / 0.2%max 0.2%max
Melting point / / /
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